Winters are that time of the year when all festivities and wedding occasions kick in. Though, we all want to keep warm and cozy, yet we do keep looking forward to look our best during these occasions. The rich velvet dushalas are always a great idea to layer and hype up a basic outfit.

The origin of Dushalas in India, also known as shawls or shati, comes from the cold northern parts of the country, particularly Kashmir. It was the result of a collaboration between a Persian sufi poet and the king of Kashmir. Thus, dushalas carry a mood of regality and luxury with them.

Dushalas can be embroidered or woven. But the most important factor is the royal aesthetic nature of the drape. The variety of Dushalas differ according to place and requirement. For instance: The woven Shahtoosh Kashmiri shawls with buta or kani designs,The Do-Shalla- a two faced shawl, The Charbaghan, a shawl made up of four pieces of fabric, etc.